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I had planned to return to work after Avery turned 6 months old.  The firm I worked for was holding my position for me.  After going through the cost of child care, commuting and other costs, it just didn’t make sense to return to work – I would have been working to pay for daycare and miss my son growing up.  They are little just once.

I wasn’t particularly looking for something to do from home (but then again, who doesn’t look for that??) when I started making my little pacifier holders for my son.  My son did not take the pacifier after he turned 3 months old, but he did love to have a toy to chew on, especially when he was teething.

When friends would ask me what to get expecting moms for their shower, I told them I could make these pacifier holders and customize them – and so my little shop opened its doors on Etsy!






All pacifier holders are made with high quality natural wood beads, cotton crochet beads and food grade silicone beads (BPA free, chemical free products).

Feel free to explore and send me a message or an email if you’d love to get your own customized pacifier holder!