Welcoming Baby #2 – my pregnancy and labor story

My second pregnancy was very different compared to my first.  I felt really sick the first 12 weeks and even after my nausea had subsided, I still didn’t feel “great” again.
Short flashback on my second pregnancy – I felt way more tired and exhausted (possibly due to having a very active toddler), I couldn’t get myself to eat as healthy as I normally do, I had more pregnancy related issues (knee pain, hip pain mainly after sleeping, leg cramps, horrible skin and hair) and I definitely did not feel great about being pregnant.  For some reason, everything just felt much harder.

However, I managed to work out 3x a week, get outdoors and do lots of stuff with my son and generally keep up with normal daily life.  All in all, my pregnancy went well, both Baby and I were healthy with great health stats.

I started having mild contractions around 37 weeks.  Thinking it was Braxton Hicks (fake contractions), I didn’t bother much with it.  At 38.5 weeks, these sudden, quick contractions were so strong that I would need to pause whatever I was doing for a moment.  By 39 weeks, walking became tiresome and painful, so I needed to stop going on my evening walks.  I wasn’t dialated much at that point, so I figured the Baby would not be here before due date.

My doctor called me in the morning of August 8th, 2017.  He gave me the option to get induced that very same evening.  Since they would induce me after my due date anyways, should nothing happen on its own, I decided to go for the induction.  I spent my day with my firstborn, giving him my all and doing many fun things.  One thing I like about Induction is that you can prepare yourself for everything.  My hospital bag was finally packed, family came to stay with my son, and I put my son down that night knowing that it would be a while before I was able to do so again.


I checked into the hospital at 9pm.  A triage was ready for me around 11.30pm and I was hooked onto a monitor.  Turns out, I wasn’t having Braxton Hicks at all, those were actual labor contractions.  I was 2.5cm dialated and only about 50% effaced.  They inserted an IV, then a pill to help efface, and then I was moved to a labor + delivery room.  Unlike my first induction, where my OBGYN just stripped my membranes to get labor started, the doctor inserted a Foley bulb at 1.20am.  Foley bulb: a catheter that has a balloon like thing that gets filled with water and is meant to help dialate and start contractions.  I was told it’s about 1cm per hour and that I could not get the epidural for the next 2 hours.  At 2.20am, I requested pain meds.  These contractions were getting stronger and stronger much faster than I had hoped for.  I received some liquid Tylenol through the IV at 2.35am – these became useless by 2.45am and I pushed for something stronger.  Since my contractions were getting stronger, they decided to remove the foley at 3.05am and re-evaluate my dialation – I was 6cm.  They called the anesthesiologist to give me the epidural who, of course, had another patient before me.  The contractions were minutes apart and the pain shot into my lower back – I hadn’t experienced this kind of labor with my first because labor progressed much slower and I received the epidural much sooner.  By the time the anesthesiologist arrived, it was 3.35am and I was 9cm dialated.  God must have felt my pain, because they usually don’t give the epidural when you’re that far dialated.  While that long needle was inserted into my back at 3.40am, I felt the urge to push.  “YOU HAVE GOT TO BE SH*TTING ME,” I thought.  Immediately after I was laid back on my back, and the epidural somewhat started to work, my water broke.  It was 3.50am.  The doctors and labor nurses were rushing to get me in position after I told them I needed to push, like, NOW.  Fully dialated, with only 2.5 pushes, my daughter Kristin Dey was born on August 9th, 2017 at 3.56am.


Although I remained in a state of shock for the next few days, trying to process what had happened in such little time, realizing that I actually had endured the worst of labor pain (and probably could have skipped the epidural) and recovering from childbirth, having Kristin with us was so fulfilling.  She was so tiny and her cries melted our hearts.

Welcome to our world, little girl.  We love you so much!!


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