10 things you probably didn’t expect during pregnancy

When we see beautiful women walk down the streets with a cute little baby or toddler, don’t we all dream about having kids?  Then when we see our friends get pregnant, don’t we want to be pregnant too? 🙂  I was often surrounded by pregnant women who were happy, glowing and just utterly excited about it (yes, I was too when I was pregnant).

But… NOBODY tells you about these weird, annoying, embarrassing and disgusting things!!  I’m always, like, WHY did you not warn me!?!

pregnant expectations

So here is my little contribution of 10 things you probably weren’t expecting during pregnancy.  While not everything happens to everyone, I bet some things do and we just don’t talk about it.


1st Trimester:

  • Itchy boobs.  Yes, your swollen, painful breasts might be the first indicator that you are pregnant, but with that rapid growth that stretches your skin too quickly, your breast actually start to itch!  That rapid growth may also lead stretch marks.
  • Metallic taste in your mouth.  Although the metallic taste never bothered me much before, it’s so intense when pregnant.  It feels like there’s blood constantly leaking somewhere in your mouth!  Does not help if you’re very nauseous.
  • Breakouts.  Your hormones are spiked, adjusting to the new baby-creating condition and all that lead to fatigue, nausea and in some cases major skin breakouts!  Glow, where art thou…


2nd Trimester:

  • While you won’t be seeing your period for the next 9-10 months, say hello do major discharge in the second trimester.  I suggest you keep those panty liners in your drawers because your wet panties won’t only be discharge.  You might pee yourself when you sneeze or jump (or even laugh hard).  I know, right?  Think about that when your expecting your second child and your bladder is even weaker…  I guess that’s why the stores have isles filled with adult diapers.
  • Hair growth – in areas you never thought of.  This did not happen to me, but my friend grew a mustache when she hit 2nd Tri.  Good time to reconsider getting that wax pass.  (Note for later – all that new hair – and more hair – will most probably fall out after your hormones adjust after the baby is born.)
  • Insomnia and CRAZY dreams.  There were days where I would wake up (usually to pee) or from some utterly crazy, vivid dream (trust me, they are beyond bizarre and insane) and just could. not. fall. asleep. again.  Clock says 2 am.  I’d just get up and either read a book, or write down all my thoughts, meditate.  It did not always help though.  (Note: enjoy your sleep while you can because in the 3rd Tri, your little baby might be kicking you non-stop, keeping you awake at night.)

sleep no more


3rd Trimester:

  • Swollen feet.  Keep drinking lots of fluid, keep yourself on the go, or at least get up and move around, put your legs up when you get home.  Ask husband for a massage.  The last thing you want is to buy shoes 1-2 sizes bigger to fit your temporary elephant feet.  Worst time?  Summer.
  • Sweat.  Yes, more weight means more effort to do certain easy things.  Trying to move like you did before getting pregnant can lead to sweating much more than the usual AND in places you would not expect: your pelvis area, your butt and all the creases (think legs).  Might as well start carrying those baby wipes for yourself.
  • Leaking breasts.  You know those breast pads that you have on your registry for when you plan on breastfeeding?  You might need them sooner.  While your breasts are prepping for the arrival of your sweet little pea, you might start leaking way before that.
  • Varicose Veins.  Or just veins in general.  You’ll have veins all over your body, on your chest, around your belly and around your legs.  You might also develop varicose veins.  Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about those V-veins but you can help yourself by staying on-the-go, massaging your legs and elevate them after a long day.


Good Luck Mamas! 🙂




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