Working out Post-Partum

I took a break from working out after giving birth.  I honestly tried to work out at home but I lacked the energy and the motivation.  I preferred sleep over working out when I had the chance to.  I also realized that my body was weaker than before.  I was not able to do a normal air squat without losing balance.  Like seriously, WTF.

I got back into a routine around 3 months post-partum when I felt comfortable enough to leave Avery at the day care and give myself a shot at the gym.  Being such the gym-lover I was prior to giving birth, I actually felt overwhelmed and clueless.

I started off with a personal trainer who worked with me on a routine that was doable at that point, using mostly just my bodyweight and easy exercises.  I did leg lifts, romanian deadlifts, bench squats, easy single arm rows and push ups.

After 2 weeks, I noticed getting stronger and more confident and I eventually resumed with my routine prior to and during pregnancy.

Having Avery on a schedule was not easy as I usually rushed to the gym in between his feeding and his naps.  Also, a workout was very easily interrupted when he cried at day care or needed to be changed.  However, it did not stop me from going to the gym and from working towards getting stronger and fitter again. I decided to go to the gym only 3 days a week and work on different body parts whenever I went:  1) Chest/Triceps/Abs, 2) Delts/Back/Biceps/Shoulders and 3) Legs.

When Avery was 7 months old, I worked with a personal trainer again to improve my workout, to change up the routine and to try the bigger machines.  A whole new world to me.
I’ll post my whole workout routine shortly.


Left:  3 months post-partum when I just started working out again / Right:  12 months post-partum
Whenever I did not make it to the gym I would work out at the tiny gym at my condo complex to keep up with my routine.

I will say that although my body is leaner and stronger, I still notice that my skin is still not as firm as I’d like it to be.  I’m not upset about it because I love that our bodies have gone through such a big change but I do hope that working on my core and with the right diet, my skin will feel tighter and healthier too.


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