Things to put on your Baby Registry

Which woman does not love to shop?  Even more so when you’re pregnant and get to shop all these cute little baby things!


I loved being able to finally choose things for MY baby and to learn about all these modern contraptions that they certainly did not have when we were babies.  My sister-in-law took me to Buy Buy Baby and it was so much fun.  We had a few list from other FTMs and the list from Buy Buy Baby.  Let me say that the lists that the stores (and internet) give you are overfilled with things you do not really need.  Of course you will have to shop based on the season your baby will be born in, so it makes no sense to buy short sleeved onesies when you are expecting a winter baby.

Below you’ll find my downloadable list of things that you should have on your registry sorted in categories.  I also added my comments and noted “optional” if I felt like I could have skipped it, or substitute it with something else or even take it from the hospital.

Note:  We were registered with Buy Buy Baby and Amazon, so you may not find everything in one place.

To Download click here:   Tanya’s Baby Registry List

We bought most of the big ticket items ourselves but I did notice that many people would have loved to get together to get us aa big ticket item rather than small stuff.  So don’t feel ashamed to add everything, including the big ticket items.

Another tip is to create registries with a few different stores and brands, such as Babies’R’Us, Target, Amazon, Buy Buy Baby, Giggle, etc., but make sure you don’t have duplicate items registered.  The perks of having registries with different stores is that you get many gift bags with a bunch of free bottles, samples, gift certificates and discount coupons.  After your shower or closer to your due date, you will receive a completion coupon from the stores you registered with – usually a 10-15% off  coupon with almost no exceptions, including items that are usually restricted from any coupons (cribs, high chairs, car seats…).

Also, there are a bunch of brands that will take back their item and send you a coupon for up to 50% off of a new item from their brand.  Just call their customer service before you discard things like car seat or strollers.

I also did not add any formula or formula-related items (like formula container) to my registry as I was planning to breastfeed and you can always ask the Pediatrician for some samples – trust me, they supply you with samples that will last you for weeks or months even 😉

Hope my list and this post is helpful to every mom-to-be.

Happy registry shopping!



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