10 Things Nobody tells you about Labor and Delivery

  1. Pelvic exams feel uncomfortable and may even hurt.
  2. You are not allowed to eat or drink.  Your childbirth class or friends may tell you otherwise, but the hospital is very strict.  It’s important to them that you don’t eat or drink during labor, should you need a c-section.  They’ll give you ice chips if you’re thirsty.
  3. You will feel nauseous.  As in “I need to throw up any second now”- sick.  You know the kind of nausea and sickness you feel when you get your period?  Multiply that by 100.
  4. You will feel cold.  Freezing cold and shivering non-stop.  I did not expect this and NO ONE told me this!  Spiked hormones, exhaustion and fatigue will do this to you.
  5. Unless you plan on getting the epidural from the start, it takes up to 45 minutes upon request before you receive it.
  6. You won’t be walking anywhere if you get an epidural. Your legs will be so numb you won’t even feel them until hours after birth!  I have respect for the women who walk during labor – those contractions are tough and I certainly did not want to move (I just wanted to cry).
  7. You may poop while giving birth.  Thank god I didn’t, but I honestly never worried about this topic.  People are very concerned but the labor and delivery nurse told me  that to them, this is like the most normal thing in the world.
  8. Pushing is a workout, even for the fit ones.  Breathe – Push – Break.  Next Set.  Workout indeed.
  9. After giving birth, you will push again because the placenta needs to come out.  And then your OB will stitch you back up.  I was so distracted with staring at Avery that I kind of didn’t even realize what was going on on that end.
  10. There will be a lot of blood.


The best part of all is that right after birth, they will hand you your baby for some skin on skin and a nursing session. It’s so rewarding that all the above just disappears off your mind!

Few hours after Avery’s delivery and health assessment.

Good luck to every momma-to-be who is just weeks or days shy of their delivery!  You will look back and be proud of how well you managed this situation!


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