10 things your newborn will really need

When you’re pregnant for the first time, everyone wants to tell you about these great things for babies.  Nowadays we’re fortunate to have access to soooo many great items and contraptions, making our lives easier and helping our babies get smarter!

When you’re at a store to set up your baby registry, they usually give you this über-long list of things your baby will need.  I had so many things and ended up using none of them until much later.

NB essentials

Here are 10 things your newborn baby will really need in the first 2 weeks:

  1. Nose Frida or the Bulb – babies still have a lot of fluid (mucus) in their bodies (nose) so they will be and sound very congested.  Babies breathe through their noses, so the  snot sucker will help clear it.  Hospitals usually supply you with bulbs.
  2. Swaddle Blanket – the womb is such a cozy and snug place, so swaddling a baby will make them feel the same way in the big cold world outside the womb.  Swaddling your baby will help your baby feel secure and may even help them sleep better. Note: please don’t ever leave your baby unattended when swaddled and in an elevated position! 
  3. Bottles – in the beginning your milk needs some time to kick in, and sometimes it kicks in so fast that you get engorged quite fast.  Pump and have someone feed the baby from the bottle so you can get some extra Zzz’s (sleep deprivation is no fun).  Also, get a bottle sterilizer or microwave bags.
  4. Pacifier – babies have the need to suck, it’s a natural instinct to help soothe them.  Hospitals usually give you pacifiers.
  5. Washcloth and a mild Soap – your newborn baby’s umbilical cord takes about 2-3 weeks to heal and fall off, during that time the nurses advise you to give the baby a sponge bath with a washcloth rather than bathe them (remember, the umbilical cord needs to heal and stay dry).
  6. Snap Tees – being a new parent, you’ll treat your newborn like a fragile treasure and tucking and pulling their little body parts to fit it into a onesie takes so much effort and time.  Snap Tee’s (short sleeve for summer, long sleeve for winter) are so great because they are so easy to put on, they don’t rub against the umbilical cord and it gives you easy access to change the diaper.
  7. MittensSocks  and Hats– babies have sharp nails and immature blood circulation.  Mittens and Socks will keep them from scratching themselves and also keep their little hands and feet warm .
  8. Healthcare and Grooming Kit – you’ll want to have nail clippers and files, as well as a thermometer in hand.  I have the Safety 1st kit and it pretty much comes with everything you need:  hair brush and comb, cradle cap comb, thermometer, nail clipper, nail files, alcohol wipes, bottle medicine dispenser, toddler toothbrush, clear-tip nasal aspirator.
  9. Diaper Rash Cream – I used Aquaphor instead of Desitin.  Aquaphor can be used on skin rashes, dry and irritated skin and even on minor cuts (when they get bigger and clumsier).
  10. Carseat Cover or Blanket to cover and keep warm – You’ll be taking your newborn home in a carseat, taking the little on to his or her first doctor’s appointment just few days after returning home, maybe even go out for a short walk… You definitely want to have a carseat cover to keep the baby safe from the cold, the sun (you shouldn’t expose baby to too much sun anyways) and to shield off germs and smells (people walk around coughing and smokers don’t care if there’s a baby behind them).  Blankets are great, they can be used to keep baby warm, to cover almost anything (just make sure it does not fall on their face – god forbid), to swaddle and even to use as a tummy time mat if you don’t have one around.

Of course you’ll have most of the things ready, such as the baby bathtub, the changing pad and station, the crib, activity play mat and many more things.  I had a drawer full of newborn onesies and diapers – only to learn that my baby was so big (8 Lbs, 14 Ozs), he did not even fit into any NB items after a few days and we moved straight to the next size.

One thing we did not know was that babies do not like to sleep in the crib because it’s such an open and cold space.  Our baby slept in the carseat and the bassinet in the first 2 weeks and then in a Rock’n’Play sleeper for the next 6 weeks before being okay with the crib!

The bathtub also was not used until his umbilical cord fell off about two weeks later, so we sponge-bathed him on a towel next to the sink.

The first 2 weeks are tough – you’ll be new to this experience and probably busy figuring out why the baby is crying (and maybe dealing with newbie breastfeeding issues :)) and sleeping.  We used only what I listed above in the first few weeks and I wish someone would have told me this.  I would have created my baby registry differently in order to have everything at home and saved myself the hassle of running around to buy things during the stressful first weeks.

Hope the information is helpful!  I will post a list of really useful things to put on your baby registry soon  as well as baby registry tips and tricks 🙂


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