Maternity Fashion

They say that when you are pregnant with your first child, your Bump doesn’t show until you’re well into your second trimester.  I was able to wear all my clothes until I was about 20 weeks pregnant.  I wore a lot of Large sized clothing until I really had to shop for maternity clothes.  It was hard to find the style that I liked and also working at a law firm required professional work attire – so I had no choice but to buy maternity clothes.  Finding the right size was a challenge.  Not only your belly grows, your breasts also go up by a size or two.  My advice to every mom-to-be is to buy your nursing clothes at around 6 months!  By the time you’re in your last trimester, your belly will be so huge that you won’t even be able to try on your nursing wear.  Keep in mind that after you give birth, your body will still be a bit “swollen”.  You’ll leave the hospital looking the way you did around 6 months pregnant, so naturally buying them around that time would be wisest. 

After checking out so many different stores that carried maternity clothing, trying on the clothes, being exhausted from the whole procedure of undressing and dressing in a small cabin and having the urge to pee the entire time, I decided to just order them online and try them on at home.  This way there was no pressure from any shopping assistant and no rush to find a bathroom.  I easily returned what did not fit or suit me.  



Below are links to online stores that have great maternity clothing and nursing essentials:


Other links with more pricey but very beautiful maternity clothing:


Stores I shopped from in NYC:

Destination Maternity (in NYC – inside Buy Buy Baby on 26th Street and 7th Avenue; in Brooklyn -at Atlantic Avenue/ Barclay’s Center Station; in Queens – inside Queen’s Mall)

Macy’s (Herald Square)

Old Navy (Herald Square)

Century21 (Downtown NYC is the best one)

Target (Brooklyn – Atlantic Avenue/ Barclay’s Center Station)

H&M (48th Street and 5th Avenue)



Photo credit and source:

Most of the online stores have free shipping and free returns (always make sure you can return it).  I really liked H&M and Target for nursing essentials, they carry great nursing tops and bras.  However, I liked to see and feel the material of my nursing essentials which is why I didn’t buy any of those online.  I also liked to overorder – get many different styles, lengths or even get 2 different colors or sizes of the same piece.  Every brand has a different size chart. 😉

Happy Shopping!




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