About my pregnancy with Avery

I think it’s important to share a little bit about my pregnancy.  My husband and I were trying for a few months before I finally got pregnant in February 2015.  You can imagine the excitement I was feeling, but I was also scared shitless.  It was too early to tell anyone – but I had ALL these questions and all I wanted was someone to talk to, to take away my anxiety!  We did wait until we were almost at the end of our first trimester before we announced the good news.

I am truly grateful for the very smooth and easy pregnancy I had.  I did not experience nausea for very long, I did not suffer from fatigue (or insomnia), no body aches (until the last couple of weeks) and no swollen feet. 🙂  I worked full-time up until week 39 (I chose to take off sooner than I actually had to), I was able to continue working out and exercise until 36 weeks (when my belly got too big to squat), I traveled (yes, the infamous Babymoon) and I enjoyed all sorts of foods, except the kinds that you shouldn’t eat while pregnant anyway.  I gained 38 lbs, for those who were wondering.


5 months - Tulum
5 months pregnant – Babymoon in Tulum, Mexico


My OBGYN discovered that I had Placenta Previa at 20 weeks.  Placenta Previa occurs when the placenta partially (or fully) covers the opening in the  cervix, meaning that a baby would not be able to be born vaginally.  This can happen when the placenta attaches in the lower area of the uterus.  In most pregnancies, the placenta will attach itself in the top or sides of the uterus, so try not to worry. 🙂  Usually, like in my case, the placenta shifts away from the cervix by 28 weeks.  I will not lie, those 8 weeks were scary, especially after reading about the risks.  I had to adjust myself to the situation and restrict and change my physical activities.

I pretty much continued living my life as if nothing were different.  During my pregnancy, I also joined a modeling agency called Expecting Models.  They focus on the maternity and baby industry, and I was actually booked for some shoots.  🙂 I really enjoyed being a pregnant model – for once I did not have to suck in my belly, au contraire, I was actually asked to stick it out! LoL

My husband and I chose not to find out our baby’s gender while during the pregnancy.  I was often asked how I managed to not be curious enough to find out, well, you don’t really know the gender for the first few months anyways and you get used to not knowing,  It’s the best surprise ever.

Our baby shower and most of our gifts and gear were gender neutral – a beautiful mix of soft yellow, white, grey and beige.  The best part about these colors is that you can keep them for the next little one, or even pass them on to your expecting friends.


Baby Shower September 2015

I had scheduled an early induction because my baby was overdue and growing bigger and heavier each day.  Worried about ending up with a C-Section, I went for acupuncture the day before and the day of my induction to help induce labor (the home remedies did not do their job for me).  I was (successfully) having contractions when I got to the hospital for my scheduled induction. I will be honest, I sure as hell was not prepared for what went on in my birthing room!  My contractions got stronger and more intense after my doctor stripped my membranes (manually breaking your water) and after enduring those painful contractions for almost 3 hours, I asked for the epidural.  I don’t know why I didn’t listen to the advice that all the moms had given me, but next time I am getting that epidural before that pain hits me!!!  After the epidural, I felt relieved and so relaxed that I was able to sleep!  When I woke up a couple hours later, my doctor told me  it was soon time to push.  I pushed for about an hour before our son was born at 4:05 a.m., weighing in at 8 lbs and 14 ozs.


Avery Birth Day


In hindsight, I wish I worried a bit less.  I would definitely do everything the same way with my next one.


Growing a baby does take a lot of your energy, but I truly believe that you choose whether to feel sick and tired, or to feel great, healthy and strong.  At the end of the day, you are the only person who knows what you are feeling and whatever you think is right for YOU, will be the right choice for YOU.




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