Maternity Photoshoot

One of the best things in life are photographs.  I love looking at photos,  those captured moments of the past.  Nowadays we are so used to taking digital pictures and storing them on our drives that we forget about them.  I’ve always been a scrapbook kind of person and have kept many little things over the past years, including photos.  I enjoy going through these books from time to time and remembering those precious moments, the love and bliss that has been present in my life, counting my blessings over and over again.

It was no question that we would get some photos shot during our journey to becoming parents.  A dear friend, Justin McCallum, shot our maternity pictures.  Justin was great to work with, not only is he super talented (top picks:  the knot, thumbtack, weddingwire!) but he is also creative and patient.  We took our pictures in Brooklyn and moved from one place to another, chasing the amazing afternoon sunlight and ended up in the park when it was getting dark.

We were scheduled to take the photos when I was 36 weeks pregnant but the weather was really bad and I am so glad that Justin was available to reschedule.  We shot the photos below when I was 38 weeks pregnant.



Looking at these pictures now (7+ months later), I feel so in love.  I can only recommend taking photos before the little baby arrives.  It’s great to look back at how big you once were – and it feels so surreal!

Sending a big THANK YOU to Justin for taking these amazing shots of us.


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